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SN Aboitiz Power-RES, Inc. (SNAP-RES) is the retail electricity supplier (RES) company of SN Aboitiz Power Group that caters to the contestable customer sectors across all industries. Its vision is to become the leading retail electricity supplier in the country through profitable growth, excellence in business processes, and innovative solutions. It also aims to supply the energy requirements of the country in a fair and equitable manner to all our customers by developing and nurturing relationships with them and other industry stakeholders and contribute to the development of the power industry in the Philippines through implementing global best practices and responsible corporate governance. SNAP-RES has the synergy derived from the experience and expertise of strong local power industry player AboitizPower, and international renewable energy company SN Power.

Average Rates: 4.20 to 5.55 PhP/kWh
*Please note that actual rate may be lower or higher depending on customer’s load factor, contract length, contract volume/capacity, customer credit worthiness, and other negotiated contract terms.

Other Terms and Offers
Flexible Contract Duration
Customer Specific Pricing and Energy Volume
Guaranteed Power Supply

Our Value Added Services

Price and Demand Forecasting
Risk Management
Trainings and Programs on WESM and other industry matters

For inquiries, you may contact the ff:

Jupiter Nuñez or Dominique Ramos
Tel No: (02) 818– 9101

For more information, kindly visit ( and (

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