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Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant

SN Aboitiz Power-Benguet, Inc. is a joint venture between SN Power and AboitizPower. It owns and operates the 140-MW Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant in Brgy. Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet.

On November 28, 2007, SNAP-Benguet won the public bid for Binga hydro and its neighboring power facility Ambuklao, which were sold as a package under the power sector privatization program of the Philippine government. It took over operations on July 10, 2008. Only the power components were privatized while the dams remain government-owned.

Built in 1956, the Binga facility was constructed for power generation and flood control. It lies 19 kilometers downstream of Ambuklao.

The electricity generated by Binga is traded at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. Binga is also capable of providing ancillary services necessary for the grid’s stability.

In 2010, Binga underwent refurbishment to increase its capacity from 100 MW to up to 125 MW. The project was completed in July 2013. In 2015, Binga underwent uprating work and increased its capacity to 140 MW.

Binga hydro has received international certifications in occupational health and safety, quality and environmental management systems. It is also recognized for its community relations programs.

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