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CSR is integrated into our business because we believe that business growth and socio-economic development go hand-in-hand. We partner with our stakeholders as we work towards the goal of building self-reliant and progressive communities and a sustainable future for all.

We have four main pillars of CSR:

Community Relations

SNAP believes in the strength of our partnerships, and in working together towards achieving a common goal. In the communities where we operate, we consider ourselves neighbors as well as partners as we develop projects in the key result areas of education and information technology; livelihood and eco-tourism; health; infrastructure; governance; environmental protection; and indigenous peoples’ focus.


As a renewable energy provider, SNAP recognizes the need to balance growth and sustainable development by protecting and conserving our natural resources. We meet – and even exceed – the requirements of local and international environmental laws, rules and regulations, and continually work to promote viable alternatives to unsustainable practices.

Human Rights, Occupational Health, Safety and Security

At SNAP, we strive to achieve excellence while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our people. Safety is always top-of-mind and deeply embedded in our operations. We abide by labor laws and regulations and practice a culture of safety, putting in place policies and programs that protect our people and look after their well-being.

Marketplace Ethics

SNAP plays fairly and ethically, and adheres to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We strive to level the playing field by promoting and encouraging fair practices in the market place and the industry. We uphold the value of integrity in all our processes and practices and in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and counter-parties.

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