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SNAP believes that to be the leading renewable energy provider in the country, we must pursue excellence in our environmental performance and innovation in our operations. But sustainability is not only about business continuity; it is also about efficient management of resources, especially our natural resources.

We have pioneered a number of environmental projects in partnership with our stakeholders, and we continue to work with the Aboitiz Group in their environmental initiatives.

Technical Cooperation for the Ambuklao-Binga Watershed

SNAP-Benguet has a standing agreement with government-owned National Power Corporation (NPC) for the preservation & protection of the Ambuklao-Binga watershed, which is under the management of NPC. Both parties will establish a community-based forest fire protection team that will protect the watershed areas within 2.5 kilometers from the high water mark of the Ambuklao and Binga reservoir. SNAP-Benguet would also implement community-based watershed environmental and sustainability projects to help re-grow the watershed areas and provide environment friendly sources of livelihood for communities. Activities that have been conducted include training for barangay fire protection teams, donation of fire-fighting tools, information campaign in neighboring schools, and conversion of fire lines into “greenbelt” by planting maguey plants to serve as fire wall or fuel break.

Dependable Agriculture and Livelihood through Optimized Water Use Yearlong in Magat (DALOY Magat)

A project of SNAP-Magat, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and the Council of Irrigators Association, this aims to secure the productivity of farmlands and fishpond operations despite climate change’s impact on water supply through promotion of optimum water use and agricultural techniques to help them sustain their operations and mitigate the impact of water shortage. Initial studies on water sustainability in the target areas showed that most of the water releases become excess consumption of water resulting from 24/7 flows to fishponds. A total of 239 gate valves of various sizes were installed at the South High and Oscariz Main Canals of the dam as of yearend 2012. The gates valves were provided to regulate water flow from the dam via canals to about 400 hectares of fishponds in Ramon and Cordon in Isabela, without compromising water requirements of the fishponds. Fish farmers also attended orientation sessions and training on fishpond management.

Support to National Greening Program (NGP)

SNAP-Benguet provides the Baguio Regreening Movement (BRM) funding for five years starting 2011 to help BRM produce 15,000 seedlings for the government’s National Greening Program. The BRM forest nursery will also serve as supplier for seedlings for SNAP-Benguet’s tree planting activities such as those for for environmental compliance or for company initiatives.

Livelihood Enterprise and Agro Forestry Development (LEAD)

SNAP-Magat has partnered with Social Action Development Center (SADC) to curb deforestation and other environmental problems in the province of Ifugao through community-based agro-forestry. The partnership, called SNAP-SADC LEAD, is the vehicle for implementing the Pro-Watershed Cradle, a program to provide viable alternatives to unsustainable practices and protect watershed areas from further denudation. Five hectares of grasslands in Brgys. Dulao, Jucbong and Abinuan in Lagawe have been converted into productive lands (cogon grass was replaced by sugar cane plantation and farmers were trained on muscovado sugar processing as their livelihood). One hectare in Tinoc, Ifugao has been planted with 1,125 pcs. Arabica seedlings, while nurseries were established in four areas areas in the municipalities of Tinoc, Kiangan, Lagawe and Hingyon , Ifugao to address deforestation of headwater source of the Magat dam watershed through planting of agro forest and hard wood trees.

Soil Erosion Control & Livelihood Project

The municipal government of Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya implements an anti-soil erosion project that doubles as a livelihood project for community members. Supported by SNAP-Magat, the project has so far resulted in the planting of 14,943 citrus seedlings that would reforest almost 96 hectares of barren land and grow fruits for farmers to sell as produce in the market.

Bamboo Plantation

Community members of Brgy. Tinongdan in Itogon, Benguet are part of a project to establish a bamboo plantation. The project is supported by SNAP-Benguet to help mitigate deforestation and soil erosion. To date, 4,560 bamboo propagules have been outplanted.

Aboitiz Passion for Agroforest and Reforest to Keep (APARK)

The APARK program is the Aboitiz Group’s biodiversity enhancement program that aims to plant three million trees by 2015. SNAP-Benguet’s contribution to date is the planting of 11,700 assorted fruit-bearing seedlings in 14 hectares since 2012 with the help of the Ambuklao Growers’ Association. SNAP-Magat has planted 13,360 seedlings over 20 hectares in the same period with the assistance of the NPC Magat Watershed team, Bantay-Gubat (Forest Guard), and local government of Brgy. Sto. Domingo in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

Race to Reduce (R2R)

R2R is an Aboitiz-wide campaign aimed at reducing water, electricity and paper consumption in a bid to promote sustainability among Aboitiz business units. SNAP Group has received several citations for its successful participation.

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